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Sharabati Modern Co
For Marble & Stones

Our company

From the heart of Palestine and to the south of Jerusalem City, Sharabati Modern Company for Marble and stone was launched in the beginning of eighties.
The company’s march started to grow bigger in the nineties where it was supplied with all the capabilities, techniques and expertise required until the company became one of the pioneer companies in the field of stone and marble.
Buildings and establishments of the company lie on more than 15000 m², equipped with the most recent equipment, devices and production lines that help in reducing time and speeding production in the most modern methods and with international standards.
In addition to the wide external areas for loading and unloading and storing the huge quantities of goods; the company is administered through the mostmodern administration techniques and supervised by efficient and experienced managers.
The efforts of the staff led the company to have its position and weight and succeeded to achieve its targets.

The company has its trade name which enabled it to enter the local and outside markets and to gain its customers’ confidence.

The company exports many of its products to Asia, Europe, Middle East andAmerica.

The customer satisfaction is one of the most goals of the company.

Our quarries

From the deep mountains of Palestine, from north to south, from Jerusalem the holy city and the cradle of the Christ, from Ramallah and Hebron, the company
owns its own quarries, more than 10 quarries with space of more than 50000 m², from the depth of the solid mountains the company extracts its beautiful
stones in different shapes and colors of picturesque nature, including the gold stone of Tarqomia, the white, cream, red and pink stones of Al-Shiyoukh, in
addition to the world-famous stone of Taffouh, the stone of Beit Fajjar, BirZeit. The company produces a wonderful collection of marble and tiles to add new colors of beauty to the art of architecture.
These quarries ensure a sufficient inventory to meet the company’s needs for long years.


Our production

The company produces stone slabs and tiles in international standards and measures and different thicknesses that start from 1cm, it also provides customer tailored products of stone, in addition to the raw quartered stone.

The availability of modern production lines gives the company the ability to have high and competing production capacity which enables it to enter the global markets and big projects.

The annual production capacity of the company is estimated to be 250000 m ² .



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